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about aquila

Aquila Farm is located 30km form Naivasha town on the North Lake Road and comprises of 2000 acres of mostly flat arable land. The farm comprises of 18 hectares of Richel green houses. This farm is at an altitude of 2000 m.


The project is well planned with attention to technical detail and has state of the art infrastructure. As one of the more recently developed projects, Aquila has set new standards in rose farming and continues to be a showcase for new farms developed in the region with growers exemplifying similar infrastructure standards.

Aquila Development Company is committed to continuously maintaining, protecting and improving the environment with sustainable development. Certain areas of the farm have been allocated to forestry conservation. The management team actively and continuously looks for areas within the premises to plant trees thus ensuring continued improvement of the environment. As a result of tree planting several different bird species have inhabited the area. Aquila Flowers is therefore responsible for preserving and increasing the birdlife, adding to the environment’s natural beauty and minimizing the occurrence of soil erosion.

Certain area of the farm is earmarked for Wild life and the farm co exists harmoniously with Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas, Hippos, Wild Buffalos, Rabbits to name a few.

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